9 Ways To Nail Your Dance Photo Shoot

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Everyone wants to nail their dance photo shoot. Even if it’s not your first time in front of the camera there is always a level of nervousness, excitement, anticipation and stress as the big day approaches.

Having just shot our latest campaign with the incredible Teri Crilly (Soloist with the Queensland Ballet and Author of Tutus & Textbooks) we learnt a few valuable tools that we want to pass along to help you make the most of your next dance photo shoot.


1 – Wear something you’re comfortable in

When you’re wearing something you’re comfortable in you will look more comfortable in front of the camera and will avoid the ‘awkward smile’ photos.

Of course you will always feel comfortable in your favourite Ainsliewear leotard.


2 – Be Yourself

If you’re a tapper don’t go into the photo shoot wearing a pair of pointe shoes…. You want the photos to represent who you are, and what you love about dancing.

Remember, be yourself because everyone else is taken!


3 – Play to your strengths

We all know what we are best at. If your better on your right, don’t start your shoot with a big kick on the left, in fact, don’t start with a kick at all. Unless your kicks are perfect (and really, who’s are?) the simple poses are often the most striking. If you’re unsure of some good poses that show off your best technique speak to your teacher before your shoot.


4 – Relax

The best shots are those that you move into and continue out of. In whatever genre you’re shooting try and move into the step/position as if you were dancing it on the stage. A good photographer will be able to capture you at ‘just the perfect moment’ to maximise the frame. The last thing you want is an image of you straining your arabesque because you have been trying to ‘hold’ it for too long… get what we mean?


5 – Natural is nice

Just the same way you need to make sure you wear something you’re comfortable in you also need to feel you look like yourself. Start your shoot with a nice fresh look, you can always add a touch of glam or a dramatic eye further into the shoot. You want to make sure your look matches the feel of the shoot and the type of images you’re after. Ie. If you’re shooting in the forest soft curls and natural makeup would be more suitable than a stiff bun, dark eyes and red lips. If you’re shooting in the studio with dramatic deep lighting then whip out your dramatic eye, strong lined leotard (try this Sydney Ainsliewear one of course) and go for it!

6 – Listen to the photographer

Chances are your photographer has been to a few more dance shoots than you have. They may look at a frame and offer suggestions to correct your posture or slightly re align your body to get the best angle. Listen to your photographer and take everything they say on board. You both want the best shots, they are trying to help get it out of you.


7 – Go with the flow

If you’re not feeling one shot or you take a sneak peak at the camera and you don’t like what you see, change it up. Turn up your favourite tunes and move to the music. Do what you do best and flow through your favourite steps until you find your groove. No matter how many photos you’ve pinned on pinterest or saved on Instagram don’t ‘try too hard’ the photos will reflect your stress, just relax and do what you love. The most amazing photos will come as a result.


8 – Have an open mind

The same way your photographer may give you some slight adjustments or suggestions on ways to nail the pose or frame they may also have some good ideas for shots, locations or props you may not have considered. Give it a go, why not? You never know the best photo may come when you least expect it!


9 – Enjoy yourself

Just like we do when we step on the stage, you’ve worked hard in the studio to be the best you can be. Let your personality shine through and some amazing shots will follow.

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