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It's true, once you have worn an AinsliewWear leotard you won't ever want to wear anything else. 

Sounds clichè we know but we challenge anyone to find a comparison that even comes close to the quality, cut & design of an AinslieWear original.  

So what makes our pieces so different you ask? 

We've answered this popular question below, outlining the 3 biggest reasons why every dancer of any age should own an AinslieWear leotard. 



With exceptional strength, four way stretch and long lasting durability the unique designs featured in their range and signature collections are all created by AinslieWear's in house design team.  Their signature mesh won't fray or run which gives them the unique 'cut to length' feature which customers can do at home with an ordinary sharp pair of scissors. So, if your skirt is too long, you can simply (and carefully) cut it down to size, you won't need to worry about seams or fraying.

Quality & Cut

The complete AinslieWear range is proudly made still made from start to finish in the home of AinslieWear in Vancouver BC, Canada.  The in-house cutting, sewing and dispatch team work tirelessly to provide an exceptional level of customer satisfaction and consistency not seen with many other off-shore brands.  

With the original designs and all the day-to-day operations still run by creator and retired professional ballerina Ainslie Cyopik, she describes the exceptional cut as 'designed to dance' with 'exceptional comfort, and cut so you can focus on your dancing and not on your clothing'.  


Ainsliewear take their inspiration for their designs, especially the unique design of their signature mesh prints straight from the runways of Paris.

The prints and patterns are designed by an in-house design team so won't be replicated or seen anywhere else.  Making Ainsliewear truly one-of-a-kind.

So the next time you're looking for a leotard or dancewear that ticks all the boxes we encourage you to try an AinslieWear creation.  

You won't be disappointed, there is truly a piece in the range to suit every size, body shape, class, performance or exam requirement.  Their quality can't be compared to anything else, and you are guaranteed to be wearing something that was conceived created and hand crafted by passionate, dedicated and experienced dancers and dance enthusiasts.  

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AinslieWear - The offical bodysuit of Canada's National Ballet School


Ainslie Cyopik with one of her original designs

Ainslie Cyopik with one of her original designs, inspired by a painting from her father.

Image Credit:  Vancouver Sun




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