Where does AinslieWear come from?

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It's a question we are asked countless times at events, in store at one of our stockists or on social media... where is AinslieWear made. 

AinslieWear global have taken part this month in Fashion Revolution a week long celebration of the people behind the sewing machines.  It spotlights, promotes and celebrates the hardwork of the cutters, sewers and staff who make the garments possible.

AinslieWear, which is proudly made and distributed from Canada was proud to take part in the 2019 Fashion Revolution and share the team behind your favourite leotards.

The following information was taken from the AinslieWear 'meet your makers post


The Cutters


Eddie, Noel and Andy (+ Sarah – who is in charge of Product Development and works closely with the cutters daily).

The AinslieWear team of cutters are the first step in the manufacturing process. These gentlemen measure and cut fabric into an array of different shapes and sizes.
At this stage of the process, the AinslieWear leotard looks like a jumble of jigsaw puzzle pieces!


The Sewing Team

Liven, Jessie, Suki, Feng, Lynn, Maggie, Sammy, Vivian and Celine.

The AinslieWear sewing team take those jigsaw pieces of fabric from the cutters and brings the amazing leotards to life. From seams, to intricate detailing, to clasp embellishments, these ladies work their magic to ensure you receive the best product possible – and they know how to have a good laugh while they’re at it!



How grateful we are for these Men and Women in Canada (and everyone else at AinslieWear HQ works so tirelessly to create leotards with passion).  Thankyou for your hardwork, dedication and passion for creating such beautiful pieces. 

To learn more about Fashion Revolution click here

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