Your Perfect Ainsliewear Costume - And How To Accessorise It!

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The growing popularity of the understated, simple costume is fast becoming the most popular choice for dancers at eisteddfods right around the country.


And we know why…

It’s the simplicity of a stunning leotard. It helps shine a light on the dancers ability and keeps your eye focused on the fluidity of the movement and portrayal of the piece.


We don’t have to tell you that Ainsliewear leotards are PERFECT for your next costume because you already know that… instead we have outlined how to accessorise your leotard on stage… from head to toe.


How to wear your hair

Slick pony, slick bun, braid/s or french twist always complements a leotard. Try putting some shine oil on your hair in your slick style after you’ve completed your style to really enhance your clean cut, simple style.

So you don’t feel as though you’re in class try a different part in your hair. A centre part is very ‘on trend’ at the moment’ or have some fun and try a zig zag part for something a little different.



You don’t need much. You’re going for a clean cut, slick and simple look. Keep your accessories simple too.

A simple pair of diamante studs in your ears or a simple sequin bracelet will help add a little touch of glamour. But listen to your music, to the story and make choices you think complement the motions.


On your feet

Whether you’re wearing ballet flats, half soles, foot undeez, pointe shoes or jazz shoes PLEASE make sure these are clean and sleek before you go on the stage.

If your half soles have scuff marks or your flats have a small hole it might be time to retire these and purchase a new pair or simply give them a clean before you go on the stage.   Same thing applies if you’re wearing bare feet, keep your nails neat and try not to go running in the mud before your performance!

Remember the rest of your appearance is clean cut and slick that should carry right to the end of your toes too!


Here are our favourite leotards that make gorgeous costumes for your next solo or group performance.


Click the images below to view more






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